Medical Document (Prescription)

If your healthcare provider will prescribe/authorize medical cannabis, they can fill out a Medical Document (similar to a prescription), and fax or email it to one of our clinics. Download and print this form for your doctor's appointment.

Referral Form

If your healthcare provider does not want to prescribe, you can ask them to fill out a Referral Form and fax it to one of our clinics. One of our clinic physicians or nurse practitioners will assess you and if you are an appropriate candidate, will prescribe medical cannabis to you. Download and print this form for your doctor’s appointment.

Release Form

If you do not currently have your own physician or nurse practitioner or are facing difficulties receiving a referral to our clinics from your own physician or nurse practitioner, please fill out our MEDICAL INFORMATION RELEASE FORM and fax it to the number located at the bottom of the form or scan and email it to the email address that appears at the bottom of the form. A Cannabinoid Therapy Educator or Clinic Assistant will then get in touch with you, within 24-48 hours, to discuss next steps.

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